Orlando Medical Spa | Altamonte Med Spa | Dr. Fiala | Aesthetics | VanquishThe idea of a pain-free body shaping treatment that can help you lose inches from your midsection without requiring dietary restrictions, exercise or surgery may seem like the stuff of fairytales; however, a revolutionary treatment called Vanquish actually delivers on its incredible promises. Vanquish is quickly becoming one of the most sought after fat removal technologies in America. Vanquish is a non-invasive radiofrequency system that functions by selectively delivering thermal energy to your fat cells, eliminating them without causing any damage to the surrounding skin, muscles or internal organs. Additionally, the Vanquish system has the ability to treat large surface areas in a single treatment experience, making it a convenient and cost-effective procedure.

Although the Vanquish system was put on the market as recently as August 2013, a number of dermatologists and skincare researchers are already referring to Vanquish as a “game changer” in the cosmetic enhancement industry, and calling the Vanquish system’s remarkable fat-eliminating capabilities a “technological breakthrough” in the realm of safe, effective and non-invasive fat loss treatments. A recent clinical study to test the efficacy of Vanquish as a means to reduce waist size showed an average decrease in waist circumference of 2 inches after eight weeks, without participants making major changes to their diet or exercise habits.

After closely evaluating the clinical research and evidence demonstrating the efficacious and safe results of the Vanquish system, Dr. Fiala is pleased to be the first plastic surgeon in Central Florida to offer Vanquish treatments, and looks forward to helping countless patients “vanquish” stubborn pockets of abdominal fat quickly and painlessly.


During the 30-minute, outpatient Vanquish treatment, the treatment applicator is suspended over the abdominal area, approximately one inch above the skin, and radiofrequency waves are utilized to precisely target the fatty tissue layers while leaving the surrounding tissues and skin protected and unscathed.  By heating the fat to approximately 45 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, the body’s natural system of apoptosis is activated, causing the fat cells to be gradually removed over the next few weeks.

Vanquish can be used not only to treat abdominal fat and love handles, but can also minimize the appearance of “bra fat” or “back fat.”  For optimal results, four to six 30-minute sessions are recommended, and patients will benefit from drinking plenty of water before their Vanquish treatment, as this will help the radiofrequency waves to more efficiently target the fat cells. 


If you would like additional information about Vanquish treatments at Fiala Aesthetics, please do not hesitate to contact our office today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to setting up your initial consultation with Dr. Fiala.