Permanent Makeup

Overview: Permanent Make-up

Orlando Medical Spa | Med Spa | Permanent Makeup | Micropigmentation Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa located in Altamonte Springs, Florida offers Permanent Make-up for anyone who wants to improve his or her facial features. Permanent Make-up is also referred to as micropigmentation, micropigment implantation, or dermagraphics. Over the last 20 years, the Permanent Cosmetic Industry has grown rapidly in popularity and thousands of people have discovered the benefits of permanent, waterproof coloring of micropigmentation. Permanent Cosmetics allow busy people from all walks of life to look their best by enhancing the beauty that Mother Nature gave them.

Similar to a tattoo, Permanent Make-up is a non-surgical technique in which a tiny quantity of pigment is placed under the top layer of your skin. However, unlike tattoo, the objective is a very subtle enhancement of facial features that look as natural as possible. The end result of Permanent Cosmetic is similar to professionally applied makeup, except it will stay on permanently, day and night. Permanent Make-up procedures are performed under topical anesthesia and the recovery time is normally minimal. Your results are visible instantly and once your skin heals over the inserted pigment, it will seal the makeup inside. Protected by your skin, the makeup is waterproof and will not smudge or run. Although it can last for years, sometimes touch-ups are needed to maintain the vibrancy of the color.

Typically, permanent cosmetics procedures are performed on the eyebrows, eyes, and lips. Changing the shape, fullness and definition of your eyebrows will emphasize and lift your eyes while adding balance and symmetry. Permanent eyeliner will make your eyelashes appear fuller and subtle definition can be added to your eyes to make them appear larger. Accent colors may be used to match, contrast, or deepen the color of your eyes and lips can be made to appear better defined and fuller. Cheek contouring with blush can add color and emphasis your cheekbones, adding a more youthful look.

Alopecia sufferers have described Permanent Make-up as a “miracle.” Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss and it occurs in people who are apparently healthy and have no visible skin disorder. Alopecia can result in partial or total body hair loss and it most commonly results in the complete loss of eyebrows and little to no eyelashes. As well as a physical problem, Alopecia has a psychological impact especially on women, who often define their attributes and femininity by their hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Although there are wigs designed to cover the scalp baldness for Alopecia, until Permanent Make-up there was little help for the eyebrows and eyelashes. With realistic looking hair-stroke simulation created with multiple colors and different needle sizes, permanent eyebrows can alleviate the need to pencil artificial looking eyebrows on every day. In addition, the loss of eyelashes can be made less noticeable by adding permanent eyeliner or lash enhancement to the eyelid rim.

Permanent make-up procedure are especially valuable for people who cannot wear cosmetics due to allergies and skin sensitivities. Active people who run, hike, bike, play tennis, do aerobics, and swim also appreciate having permanent cosmetics because they don’t have to worry about “sweating” their make-up off. Permanent Makeup is also a wonderful service for patients who are visually impaired or arthritic. At Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa, Lasting Looks Permanent Makeup prides itself in giving you a naturally enhanced look that lasts using the most modern techniques.

Each procedure takes approximately 90 minutes, which includes designing the right look according to your facial structure as well as applying the anesthetic. The actual Permanent Make-up application only takes 15-20 minutes depending on the procedure performed and immediately following your Permanent Make-up procedure, you will feel very comfortable with your appearance. You will wish you had undergone the Permanent Make-up procedure sooner!

If you desire a soft, natural enhancement to your appearance, call Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa today. Lasting Looks will give you the most natural looking results available in the Permanent Cosmetic industry so let us do for you what we have done for thousands of our clients. Lasting Looks has been serving the state of Florida with quality permanent makeup for over 15 years so take advantage of the beautiful results the professional Lasting Looks team will deliver and let the natural enhancement that Permanent Make-up provides create a more confident you. Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa values the investment you are making in yourself and we look forward to helping you achieve all of your cosmetic goals with consistent, beautiful results.

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