Patient Testimonials

Patient Satisfaction Survey Responses

How did you hear about Fiala Medical Spa?

“I heard about Dr. Fiala from my friend (and another patient). She had several wonderful things to say about the team, especially Trish! And I couldn’t agree more!”

“I am a very pleased patient, very impressed with the results as well as the highly professional treatment by the staff.”

“I purchased the Obagi Skin Care line, based on Trish’s recommendation. I love it!”

“Since last year I started going to your Medical Spa, and I have been a very satisfied customer with your services.  I’ll keep going unless otherwise can’t afford it. But your prices are very affordable as a right now and that is a good thing for people like me.

“A friend suggested your firm as a she was a very pleased former patient.”

Are you satisfied with Fiala Medical Spa?

“Trish has been wonderful to work with. I have strong confidence in her services. She has been so helpful. I look forward to seeing the staff, they are like friends.”

“I am very happy with the results.”

“I am always amazed at the level of service and care that I receive.”

“I really trust Trish, she is caring and knowledgeable. The beauty business is tricky, I want someone who has expertise and is also current and fashion savvy. Trish is all of these. I look forward to my visits.”

“I have not had services from anyone other than Trish, but am completely satisfied with everything I have seen her for.  Also, everyone in the office is always very helpful and friendly.”

“Trish does an excellent job with fillers and botox. I’m looking forward to seeing results from my Sculptra injections. And I appreciate her kindness and gentleness with my 83 year old Mother during her injection appointment.”

“Above any expectations of service I expected by everyone working with Dr. Fiala’s office.”

“Trish is always very thorough and careful with what she is doing. She takes the time to explain each area and the results you can have. She is also very honest about how much or how little may be needed. She is the reason I continue to return for my injections!”

“The Best Team!”

“I can’t say enough good things about the staff.”

“All off the ladies working in Fialas office are so nice, but i have to say that Trisha has always been my favorite. She helped me after my surgery and was always very quick, helpful and proffesionel.

“I had my first Botox/fillers in the beginning of 2012 and I love the results. Trisha has a lot of knowledge and is very professional. There is never any pressure from her to maybe do more treatments than you like and she is very upfront about what results to expect.”

“My last couple of facials have been with Kim Peters. I have to say Kim is the best aesthetician I have ever been to. I have an aesthetician in the family and I’ve stopped going to her.”

“Everyone in that office is wonderful. Some of the staff is new sow I have not interacted with them. However I am sure if they work for the best Dr. in the world then they also have to be good, more than good excellent. MY body is awesome thanks to the wonderful work of DR. Fiala. I see where you have a new procedure. I would like to be a person if he wants to experiment on. Let me know. Hope to see you all soon you guys are the best.”

“Trisha was especially helpful and patient with explaining different procedures and their effectiveness. I found her very trustworthy. Not sure that I met all the ladies listed about but everyone I did meet was helpful.”

“I am very satisfied with Kim!”

“Trisha was very professional, formal and very honest – always straight to the point and always answered all my questions.”

“Kim and Trisha are outstanding!”

“Love, love, love Trish!!!”

“Wonderful staff that I actually look forward to working with each visit!”

“What a great group of caring and fun professionals!”

“I look forward to my visits…”


How was the overall process of Fiala Medical Spa?

“Great staff, especially Trisha makes me look beautiful every time. She is very skillful. Thanks!”

“I recommend you to everyone !! You folks are the best and run a first class operation.”

“One thing i know about DR. Fiala’s office is that he will take as much time as is needed to make sure you understands all procedures and will answer all your questions. And for sure I know if you are not a candidate of the procedure, he will not do it.  His reputation and the health of his patients are more important to him than money. Ethics are what he loves and does his wonderful work by. So if anyone wants to do something that might hurt them in the long run he will not do it because he cares.”

“Very positive experience.”

“The best that I have been too ever, the beauty business is tricky. Trisha is beautiful and current in her concepts, better yet she is kind and knowledgeable. I recommend her to everyone!”

“Loved it!”

“I trust that I am getting the best results.”

“Trish is beautiful, sweet and patient. (attractive staff is a good advertisement)”

“I have been happy with everything offered/experienced here at Dr. Fiala’s.”


Why did you choose our Medical Spa over others?

“I was visiting another location before coming to Fiala Medical Spa and was not happy with the level of service.  Now I am very happy with Fiala Medical spa and have told many people to visit.”

“Word of mouth was very positive.”

“More knowledgeable of what I was concerned with.”

“Gave me the information with the concerns I had.”

“Took their time with me and made me feel I was the only patient they were concerned with while I was there”

“Reputation for high quality, and his educational back ground.”

“Personal attention, quality of all services and remarkable, professional personnel is unparallel. Dr. Fiala sets the standard for excellence in every service offered. I highly recommend Dr. Fiala’s Medical Spa.”

“I did not look anywhere else because my girlfriend, whom I’ve known for over 20+ years, highly recommended Dr Fiala. I was not only able to see her results but also hear about her experience with the team.”

“When I walked in with questions, they answered them all. THEY LET ME KNOW THAT THEY CARE!”

“I considered another Doctor b/c of her location and pricing was a bit cheaper. But I like to stick with what I know and trust. Although it’s a long drive, and I pay more for the services, the quality and staff are worth it.”

“I trusted my friend and saw the results.”

“Being a patient of Dr Fiala, its top notch there.  It’s not cheap but it worth it when you have all the little extras.”

“Can’t settle for second best… You all are the best…”

“I am very happy with the Team at Dr. Fiala.”

“I feel comfortable with Trish and Dr. Fiala.”

“I feel that Dr. Fiala and his team are extremely professional and focused on the well being of their patients.  Everyone is very friendly and helpful and that goes a long way to making patients feel relaxed and confident in the results of their treatment/procedures.  Good job always!”

“I am happy with this spa service.”

“I met with Trisha and she made me feel comfortable about everything.”

“I had full confidence in Dr Fialas staff and never felt I needed to look anywhere else.”

“High recommendations AND the personal professional, caring treatment from everyone from the front desk to Dr. Fiala himself. You are just amazing!”

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Fiala and trust him and his staff.”

“I have been researching plastic surgeons for over 5 years. When the time was right and Dr. Fiala and his team were recommended, I checked out their website and the professionalism and content of the site helped me make my decision BEFORE the consultation they were the right team for me. I am so happy and proud to be a patient of Dr. Fiala and his staff. They are AMAZING and help me look even more amazing too!”

“I have had other procedures at this office and I am very comfortable with the office and the staff.”

“Dr Fiala came highly recommended by a friend who is very happy with the procedure she received.  I did not consider any other Dr or facility.”

“Yes, I’ve been to a few different local plastic surgeons office’s (including yours) and have not had the desired results with Botox. After my facial, I asked to speak to Trish and told her that while I wanted another Botox injection, my previous ones were not very effective. She showed me what she could do differently and I scheduled Botox and fillers for the following week. I am VERY happy with my current results. Injections are not a one size fits all and Trish knows that and finds what works.”

“Trish’s work is excellent! I have seen other people with lumps and misshaped lips from other medical spas.”

“When I first started doing the procedures I wanted i did not know where to go. So I picked a doctor in Lake Mary, the doctor referred me to DR. Fiala, that was wonderful, because from that day going forward it has been body by Fiala for me. He is the best because he cares about his patients and helps them to make the right choices by taking the time to be with them and explain to them and just being his wonderful nice person and character.”

“Others had over-promised results.  Dr Fiala and his staff were very forthcoming with information and gave very honest assessments of potential results.”

“I had already had surgery by Dr. Fiala. I love the results and knew that I had found the BEST team.”

“Trisha is excellent and professional.”

“Dr. Fiala has performed my abdominoplasty and my breast augmentation replacement.  I feel very comfortable with him and his office staff.  I feel like he has my best interest at heart, is conservative in his treatment and researched the latest technology to make it a better experience for his patients.”

“I have been a patient of Dr Fiala for 10 yrs, I would not consider going somewhere else as I have always been happy with the services.”

“I trust & am comfortable with your service. I wouldn’t go elsewhere.”

“I was highly recommended to Dr Fiala, no additional research on my part.  Next time I will like to have a full evaluation from him.  Suggestion on Botox, breast implants and tummy tuck.”

“I was not comfortable with the Doctor that I met with before your office. I was made to feel bad about myself in order to push me into a much more evasive procedure that I did not want. I also did not like the way the girls in his office looked after they received the procedures that I wanted.”

“Dr. Fialas web site was more professional and informative. Price was also better. Also his facility made all the difference. Very clean, very professional and the staff were excellent. Thank you!”

“I love the staff here and as a patient and RN I feel very comfortable and safe having my procedures here.”

“I completely trust Dr. Fiala and his staff. The care I receive is the best. There is no reason to go elsewhere.”

“I’ve used other providers in the past, but since I’ve been going to Dr. Fiala and Trish, I won’t go anywhere else.”

“I’ve been Dr Fiala’s patient since 2005. And I am extremely comfortable for all the services provided along with the professionalism and the staff.”

“The staff made me comfortable and assured!”

“I have been to several Medical Spas in Sarasota and Orlando, but I saw great results on other patients of your Medical Spa.  That sold me on your Spa.”

“Close to home, but mostly because when I first walked in the office I was impressed yet felt like I belonged.”

“I decided on Dr. Fiala because I trust him and his staff to provide excellent service!”

“Because of the wonderful experience at Dr. Fiala’s office including great treatment by all the staff.”

“Dr Fiala seems very cautious. I had traumatic experiences in the past (with other doctors) that caused physical and emotional damage. Today, I am looking forward to developing a trustworthy relationship with a doctor and his staff.”

“I will be back as soon as my pocket book will let me.  TRUST ME!”


During your appointment, how was the staff?

“You will love your experience if it was anything like mine.”

“Very friendly and kind! I was a bit nervous walking through the door being new to everything. I was made to feel at ease right away.”

“Always caring, always professional.”

“Always excellent!”

“You all make everyone feel like family.”

“I look forward to looking better, but I also enjoy my visits.”

“Everyone was polite and professional.”

Once your appointment was scheduled, how was our staff?

“It’s really cool being able to talk to a staff member every time you call.”

“Very thorough and caring”

“You make me feel very important, not just a number.”

“Everything was good.”

How was your overall experience?

“Very satisfied!”

“I am thrilled with my service results and the staff. I have recommended them to my friends and I plan on bringing in my mother. I know she will love it!”

“I love Trisha. She is excellent at what she does and a super professional, kind person.  I would never change.”

“Love the fillers for the lips and the Botox for around the eyes and forehead.”

“I just love TRISHA for my Botox. Denise is also wonderful, Robbie is fabulous, Christy is great, and the entire staff is awesome!”

“My skin felt wonderful. Would do this again!”

“I look better, achieving my first goal.”

“This Medical Spa is staffed with profession people; the atmosphere is calm and pleasant and staff are attentive and knowledgeable.  They strive to get your answers in a timely manner.  Everything appears to run smoothly with attention to detail.”

“I have already referred and brought my Mother and daughter in for treatment with Trisha.”

“I will be back very soon!”

“I will definitely come back for facials, fillers and Botox.”

“I think being able to communicate with the staff by e-mail is helpful and saves a lot of needless phone calls.”

“My breasts are also awesome. I feel so close to you all.  I can’t express how much you mean to me.”

“Everyone has been so nice and helpful each time I have visited.  I have referred several people and let everyone who asks know about your office.”

“I am so thankful that I discovered your office, I plan to schedule appointments in to the future.”

“All was excellent. Thank You!”

“From all my experiences there I can say that everyone is very knowledgeable and professional and I highly recommend your practice to all my friends.”

“LOVE you guys. I have referred others.”

“Enjoy my visits, very kind caring staff.”

“Dr. Fiala please don’t stop practicing any time soon.  You have to keep this body in shape until after I turn 1000 years old.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to let me express myself on the wonderful services I have received from you and your staff.”

“You guys are the Best!”

“You guys rock! Thank you for your professionalism & knowledge.”

“The people at the office are very friendly.”

“Everyone in the office was pleasant and very positive, women with hands on experiences and real life scenarios. I think when I come back my pictures will show a big improvement.  Thanks for the positive experience in the office and the outcome also.”

“Dr. Fiala Staff is very professional and caring.  I would recommend your services to very close friends and to someone that will ask where to go for an excellent service. Because I know by experience that they would be in good hands.”

“I am very happy with fillers done by Trish.”

“Dr. Fiala and his staff exceeded my expectations throughout my procedure. The results are amazing and the customer service is over the top! If I ever consider another procedure, I will only go to Fiala Aesthetics, no doubt about it.”

“You all really are the best! I have been to Baldwin Park, Dr. Phillips…have friends that go to Heathrow and Winter Park spas, you are the best!( I am working on those friends)”

“Great experience!”

“I tell everyone about you, a great Team indeed!”

“Great Doctor and great Team!!!”

“Thank you for your care!”

“Everyone has been so wonderful to me before, during and after my surgery.  I’m loving my results!  Thank you so much for just being you!”

“My husband and I could not be more pleased with Dr Fiala.  The total experience has been excellent.  I feel like a new person!”