Latisse – Grow Thicker, Longer Eyelashes

Overview: LATISSE™ Eyelash Growth

Orlando Medical Spa | Dysport | Less Frown Lines | Remove Crows feetBeautiful eyelashes enhance any woman’s eyes. Lash enhancement dates back to 4,000 BC when Egyptian women applied a mixture of soot and other dark compounds to their eyelashes and brows. Today, mascara is the most widely used makeup product, with about 83% of American women using it. In the search for longer, fuller lashes, women also try techniques like false eyelashes and eyelash extensions. False eyelashes are short-lived and easily separated from the eyelid, while eyelash extensions are expensive. Now there is a better option through a prescription treatment called LATISSE™. FDA-approved LATISSE is the first and only eyelash treatment approved to help grow your own longer, thicker, fuller, and darker eyelashes.
Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa located in Altamonte Springs, Florida provides LATISSE™ to the Central Florida area and beyond.

The active ingredient in LATISSE is known as bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is an FDA approved drug that was originally used to treat glaucoma and manage ocular pressure. It is very safe to use in and around the eye.

78% of patients in clinical trials saw significant improvement in lash growth and fullness after two months of using LATISSE™, with full results occurring at 12 or 16 weeks. By prolonging the growth phase of your lashes, they are allowed to grow longer and fuller than they normally would. LATISSE™ is applied topically once a day to the base of your upper eyelashes with a sterile, single-use-per-eye disposable applicator. With ongoing use of LATISSE™, Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa ensures that you will always have beautiful thick eyelashes. These amazing eyelash drops take just seconds to apply and they will give you flattering eyelashes without having to deal with applying and removing eye makeup. If you decide to stop using LATISSE™ the results will recede within two months. While most everyone may want the look of longer lashes, not everyone may be right for the LATISSE™ treatment. Please call Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa in Altamonte Springs today for your complimentary consultation.

Thick, luxurious lashes can make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more youthful. At Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa of Central Florida, we are happy that our patients have a simple, non-surgical alternative. If you are interested in enhancing the appearance of your eyelashes, please contact Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa to schedule your initial consultation and let our experienced staff help you achieve all of your cosmetic goals.

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