Skin Care Products

Skin Care Products

Overview: Skin Care Products

There is a vast array of skin care products available on the market today and making the proper choice can be confusing. A poor choice can be a waste of your money.  To achieve the goal of maintaining your beautiful skin, you need to understand about skin product ingredients and how they will work for you.  At Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa located in Altamonte Springs, Florida, we offer you solutions that will provide the results you are looking for.  The right products, specifically chosen to target your skin care needs will play an important role to help you achieve more attractive, radiant skin.

Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa offers a full line of professional-grade skin care products suitable for all skin types.  These products are only available in a physician’s office – and are significantly more effective than skin care products from the local shopping mall.  Let us analyze your needs in a personalized evaluation, recommend the best treatments from our professional product lines, and prescribe a home skin care regimen customized specifically for you.

Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa is proud to offer the following skin care products:


Obagi® is an established and highly respected product line.  No matter what goals you have for your skin, Obagi® likely has a solution.

  • NuDerm: Obagi Nu-Derm System accelerates cellular turnover for skin with moderate to severe sun damage.  The Obagi system consists cleansers, toners, and active creams, available only through selected physicians’ offices. This medically supervised program is designed to complement the benefits of Retin-A therapy. Exfoliating acids and skin bleaching agents are combined with an exclusive ingredient to enhance the performance of the active ingredients.
  • CLENZIderm M.D.: Obagi CLENZIderm M.D s a three-step acne therapeutic system. It is formulated with proven acne-fighting ingredients, including a breakthrough, liquefied form of benzoyl peroxide that is clinically proven to penetrate pores deeply and clear acne quickly.
  • C Rx System: Obagi-C Rx System is for skin with mild to moderate sun damage.  The Obagi-C Rx System combines the proven benefits of physician-strength Vitamin C with a patented formula of prescription-strength ingredients.

PCA Skin

Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa is proud to offer PCA Skin Care Products.  Their award-winning product line is divided into two parts:  daily use products and their professional-grade peels.  Whether your skin is sensitive, acne-prone, or you have hyperpigmentation issues, they offer products to correct and improve your situation.  PCA Skin products are formulated using all natural, technically-advanced ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin types or people that have recently had a chemical peel or laser treatment.

A leading clinical skin care company in the development of professional chemical peels and advanced topicals for over 20 years, PCA SKIN was the originator of advanced blended chemical peel formulations.  At the forefront of science since its inception, PCA SKIN is consistently researching new ingredients and developing new formulations.  If you are struggling with dry, red skin, have rosacea, acne breakouts, or pigmentation issues, PCA Skin care products are worth considering.

Vi Derm™

While the VI Peel™ literally peels away the years from your face, the VI Derm ™ Skin Care Products prolong the benefits of the VI Peel™ while enhancing the results.  Vi Derm™ products are formulated to work in combination with the Vi Peel™ or by themselves to create a complete program that effectively reverses the effects of sun damage, environmental factors, and aging for dramatically firmer, healthier, and youthful skin.  Vi Derm™ products cleanse, nourish, and protect so your skin can grow more beautiful every day.  All the formulas work synergistically to reverse the effects of sun damage, environmental factors, and aging.

  • Vi Derm™ Ultra A: Ultra A 0.1 % Tretinoin cream is a derivative of Vitamin A and the treatment of choice for comedonal acne, whiteheads, and blackheads.  It works by promoting skin cell turnover and increasing the rate at which the pores become unclogged.  It also prevents the formation of new comedones and Tretinoin is also the only topical medication that has been proven to improve wrinkles.
  • Vi Derm™ Advanced Firming Lotion: Vi Derm Advanced Firming Lotion contains Osilift, which visibly promotes firmer, brighter, and smoother skin.  Matrixyl 3000 significantly improves the appearance of wrinkles, elasticity, and tone. Argireline effectively reduces superficial facial lines and Advanced Moisture Complex providing excellent long-term moisturization.
  • Vi Derm™ Bleaching Cream Rx: Vi Derm™ Bleaching Cream Rx will promote correction at the cellular level for uneven skin tone while lightening age spots, freckles, and scars.  The multi-action synergistic properties of Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Arbutin, and Licorice extract will exfoliate, bleach, and inhibit hyper-pigmentation.  This bleaching cream will re-texture your skin, help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and dramatically improve skin clarity.  The antibacterial properties will help control breakouts in problematic skin and can be used by all skin types.
  • Vi Derm™ Clear HQ Free: Vi Derm Clear HQ Free Skin Brightener promotes correction of uneven skin tone, age spots, and scars. The multi-action synergistic properties of Retinol, Kojic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Arbutin, and Licorice extract exfoliate and refine your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and improving skin clarity.  Vi Derm™ Clear HQ Free assists in creating stronger, healthier skin cells, stimulates new collagen production, and increases elasticity. The antibacterial properties reduce inflammation and help with acne.
  • Vi Derm™ Revitalizing Eye Cream: Vi Derm Revitalizing Eye Cream Contains Eyeseryl, which is clinically proven to reduce puffy eyes. Enriched with vitamins, antioxidants and botanicals, this skin product improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for healthier younger looking skin. This blend of high performance ingredients provides sustained, long-term moisturizing without being greasy.
  • Vi Derm™ Vitamin C 20% Gel: Vi Derm Vitamin C 20% Gel is a corrective treatment designed for all skin types. This formula provides preventive and anti-aging benefits to your skin along with unmatched protection from photo aging, prevention of premature signs of aging, and stimulation of collagen production.  The Vi Derm Vitamin C 20% Gel has a visible toning and firming effect on the skin and you may also use this around your outer eye area with a lighter application.
  • Vi Derm™ AHA Exfoliating Cream: Vi Derm Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) Exfoliating Cream for face, neck, and chest will rejuvenate and regenerate the cells to leave your skin more radiant and youthful. The AHA Exfoliating Cream will help with fine line and wrinkles and also minimize pore size.  Your skin’s elasticity and ability to hold more moisture will improve, plumping your skin for a more youthful appearance.

The simplest way to improve the look and feel of your skin is achieved through expert skin care advice and products. The benefits of a professional skin routine include:

  • Making your skin softer and smoother
  • Returning your skin’s brightness or translucence
  • Evening out irregular areas of brown pigmentation
  • Decreasing leathery, time-worn appearance
  • Decreasing pore size
  • Preventing sun damage
  • Reducing fine wrinkles

If you want to learn more about skin care products at Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa call today and let us schedule your complimentary skin care appointment.  We highly recommend a customized home care regimen to accelerate the benefits of your cosmetic procedures and improve your overall results.  We provide result-oriented skin care products that work synergistically with all of our cosmetic procedures.

Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa offers state-of-the-art technology and products designed to meet your goals.  A customized treatment plan will be developed to make sure your skin is getting the best care possible.  Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa offers several options in skin care while always focusing on products that give the most effective results.  Come and talk with the skin care experts!