RF Skin Tightening

Overview: RF Skin Tightening

Orlando Medical Spa | Altamonte Med Spa | Rf Skin Tightening | Venus FreezeFiala Aesthetics Medical Spa, located in Altamonte Springs, Florida, is excited to announce that they have teamed up with Venus Concept to introduce the latest in a non-invasive body contouring technique, the Venus Freeze, RF Skin Tightening. RF Skin Tightening is a new anti-aging technology that delivers three benefits at the same time. RF Skin Tightening treatments use Radio Frequency energy to firm the skin, reduce cellulite and reduce fatty deposits without injections, lasers, or surgery.

Unlike previous skin tightening devices, the Venus Freeze RF Skin Tightening uses a unique combination of Bi-polar RF Matrix and Pulsed Magnetic Fields called MP2. This energy matrix heats the skin uniformly, activating the body’s heat shock protein and collagen synthesis responses. The pulsed magnetic fields increase FGF-2 production; a growth factor responsible for the creation of tiny blood vessels and the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts.

Venus Freeze RF Skin Tightening triggers your body to produce new collagen fibers that are the key to youthful skin. Improvements with this treatment include:

  • Skin firming
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Cellulite improvement
  • Circumferential reduction

RF Skin Tightening treatments are performed as a series, usually with one session per week, and a total of eight to ten treatments depending upon the area of your body being treated. For your face and neck, each procedure takes approximately 45 minutes with targeted heat points met and maintained during the treatment time. For your body, the most common treated areas are the thighs, hips, and buttocks; however, the stomach and waist can also be treated as well as your arms. Most patients select one or two large areas for body treatments to be treated within each 30-60 minute procedure. You will typically start to notice a change by the end of your third visit and the rejuvenating results will build with time. To preserve your long-term results, a maintenance program is suggested after your initial treatment. This technology is FDA-approved and can be performed on any skin type. The treatment is relaxing, not painful, and you can resume your normal routine immediately.

Please call us today and schedule your consultation and begin the process of “freezing” the biological processes that make you age without downtime. No other device is capable of offering measurable results with an enjoyable and pleasurable experience – you will look forward to your next visit. We at Fiala Aesthetics Medical Spa in Central Florida can help you achieve the sculpted figure you have always wanted. For any of your cosmetic concerns, we offer numerous technologies and treatments to help make your dreams come true.

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